Stanley J. Serxner is a charter member of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS), author and co-founder of the North Carolina Chapter of IBNS. On November 3, 2018 Stanley turned 88 and his old friend and co-founder of the NC Chapter, Garry Saint, Esquire "designed" this 2018 tribute banknote.

This design recognizes one of several places Stanley lived outside of the US. His photo was captured from an image while he and his wife Joyce were on a recent visit to Cuba.

On Stanley's 87th
birthday, last year, he was graced with this Cuba based design. The serial numbers on both notes reflect his birthplace, as mine, in The Bronx, New York. As previously mentioned, Stanley is an author and he published Acción Democrática of Venezuela, University of Florida Press, School of Inter-American Studies, 1959.

Since the founding of the North Carolina Chapter of IBNS, Stanley has remained the Chapter Secretary and diligently records each meeting and submits the minutes to the IBNS. While the chapter has a limited number of local members, remote or "corresponding members" have been initiated and several have joined our chapter providing additional perspective to our numismatic interests. So I look forward to seeing where Stanley and Joyce might v
isit and the basis of our next tribute design.                     GSE 7.12.2018

Slovakian  graphic and banknote designer Mr. Matej Gábriš has release another outstanding design, this time with the theme of Ita Rina (1907-79),  who was a Slovenia & Serbian film actress and beauty queen.

Slovenia P.UNL 2,000 Tolarjev 13.4.2016. This is a private graphic essay specimen with dimensions of 158 x 78 mm. The actual date of printing was 21.5. 2016 and released notes have unique individual numbers on the front. The back has a composition o
f Ita Rina images displaying her film work and Ljubljana Town Hall. A total of only 600 pieces were produced on 100% cotton paper using an advanced offset printing technique which incorporates three security spot colours.

These notes also have other security features including a triangle watermark, fluorescent fibres  and embedded  "gabrisbanknote-specimen" which can only be seen under ultraviolet light.
Imprint GABRISBANKNOTE 2016. Visit the Gábriš website for more info:

Slovakian           graphic and banknote designer Mr. Matej Gábriš is planning to release another polymer ESSAY note, this one a 200 Franc note featuring the late Princess Grace of Monaco. This is the sixth Princess Grace design by Matej.

Grace Patricia Kelly (Nov. 12, 1929 – Sept. 14, 1982) was an American film actress who became Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III, in April 1956.

They had three chil
dren: Caroline, Albert II, and Stéphanie. Kelly retained her link to America by her dual U.S. and Monég
asque citizenship. Princess Grace suffered a stroke while driving home to Monaco on September 13, 1982, which resulted in a road accident. She died the following day. Source: Wikipedia

The other Monaco designs include two 20 Francs (2014, 2018), 50 Francs (2014), 100 Francs (2014), and 500 Francs (2016). Thank you
Mr. Matej Gábriš
for your beautiful designs! For a view of these Monaco ESSAY designs go to:  18.6.2018 GSE              

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A  new chapter of the International Bank Note Society  was  formed  on 27.3.2014 in the USA state of North Carolina under the leadership of Austin Mattox, Vice President of Mattox Coins & Stamps.

Membership is currently free and is not limited to IBNS members. The chapter would particularly like to encourage   exploration, as seen from the unique perspective of paper money.

IBNS and Chapter member Migue
l Chirinos, a Latin America researcher and author has just published his latest article on Venezuela's Leper Colony currency. Read it here. He also just  finished a beautifully illustrated articles on the little known USA - Panama $50 C ommemorative issue of 1914, Lighthouses on World Banknotes and Historical Maps on Latin American Banknotes.

Meetings are held monthly in the Triangle Area of NC  but interested parties from other areas may also join. Contact us for additional info. 


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